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Q: What is chiropractic?
A: Chiropractic was invented in 1895 by one of the most ingenious scientists who ever lived. He figured out that if you remove impedence on the body's nervous system, called subluxation. Because your "Master System" controls every muscle tissue and organ in your body, it begins to struggle less to function in activites of daily living and in turn can focus on the real problem (whatever it may be), and heal.
  You see, there isn't one drug that is made that doesn't mimic what your body already makes. It's getting your body to make it that is the challenge.
Q: Do I always have to come in once I start?
A: Each and every person is different. The amount of treatment depends on your age, degeneration level, trauma, and commitment to getting better.
Q: How do I know if I have subluxation?
A: Many times people have no idea if they have subluxation. In fact, your body's nervous system is only 10% pain. Therefore, many people have no idea because they are looking for pain when often times there is none. Pain is a bad indicator of how bad an injury is. Here is an example: If you are having a heart attack, often it is never felt until it's too late, right? Another good example is cancer. By the time pain is felt, it is too late. Let's take the nervous system now. Let's say you cut your finger. It hurts badly right? But is it that painful?
Q: How much does it cost?
A: The cost varies due to the amount of treatment needes, insurance coverage, and your willingness to participate in your own recovery.
Q: Is wellness care recommended?
A: Wellness care for your back is recommended whether it be once every two weeks, or once every six months. It all depends on the person and the spine!